QueerLab is a forum for LGBTQ-identifying youth in North Carolina to collaborate on media projects, like I Don’t Do Boxes, a magazine by and for queer youth.

In the spring of 2013, QueerLab released the first issue of I Don’t Do Boxes, collecting stories and artworks from around the region exploring queer southern experience. A series of hands-on community-based workshops were hosted every Thursday from March – June, 2013 at Elsewhere open to YouthSAFE youth, and intergenerational communities. The first issue of I Don’t Do Boxes was distributed to local schools and community spaces featuring advice, news, essays, youth commentary, lesson plans and ideas for organizing and sustaining Gay-Straight Alliances (GSA) at local schools. I Don’t Do Boxes is also an online resource (www.idontdoboxes.org) that continues to be an actively used resource for and by queer youth.

QueerLab is a collaboration with YouthSAFE, the Guilford Green Foundation, and allies like you.

I Don’t Do Boxes

No. 1: School’s Out (2013)

This first issue of I Don’t Do Boxes, collects over thirty stories, artworks, poems, comics and essays from LGBTQ-identifying youth and allies across the country. Contributors share their coming out stories, tools for organizing, how to start a GSA, love notes, advice and more. Please share with students, educators and allies – a great resource for GSA groups, classroom discussion and more.

No. 2: Out Loud! (2014)

The second issue of I Don’t Do Boxes, Out Loud!, brings together a diverse collection of stories, poems, artworks and sounds exploring LGBTQ experience. This issue invited queer youth, musicians and artists to explore the power of voice in different ways. An accompanying compilation of music, sounds and recordings offer listeners everything from raucous punk anthems, to ambient noise experiments, queer oral histories, and queer-hop beats. Listen closely and you may hear yourself through the intimate stories shared.